Sellen: Getting Back to Work Safely in Construction

Learn how Seattle’s top construction company is tackling safety and adjusted operations at work. Sellen Construction is the largest construction company in Seattle and one of the largest in the state of Washington. With so many projects going on, it’s not easy to manage a big shift in work protocols, schedules, staffing… so how do they do it? We’ll learn from the pros in this Webinar.

Novation: Getting back to work with digital tools

Kelley Dunne, CEO of Novation, Warriors4Wireless and Digital Bridge speaks about getting back to work safely, how he uses Modifi’s custom mobile apps to manage his workforce, get approvals from the FCC and deliver reports to his clients in a paperless, low-touch way.  His companies have used Modifi for a range of projects, from telecom to asset management and technical work order management.

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Modifi is committed to social and environmental progress. We and our suppliers abide by the AURELIUS framework that incorporates ethical, social and ecological considerations into its business strategy.


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