Sellen: Getting Back to Work Safely in Construction

Learn how Seattle’s top construction company is tackling safety and adjusted operations at work. Sellen Construction is the largest construction company in Seattle and one of the largest in the state of Washington. With so many projects going on, it’s not easy to manage a big shift in work protocols, schedules, staffing… so how do they do it? We’ll learn from the pros in this Webinar.

Novation: Getting back to work with digital tools

Kelley Dunne, CEO of Novation, Warriors4Wireless and Digital Bridge speaks about getting back to work safely, how he uses Modifi’s custom mobile apps to manage his workforce, get approvals from the FCC and deliver reports to his clients in a paperless, low-touch way.  His companies have used Modifi for a range of projects, from telecom to asset management and technical work order management.

Modifi provides logistics Apps for multiple stakeholders

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The Covid-19 crisis magnified a disconnect between those who need food and those who can provide food. The shutdown forced a disruption in the entire food supply chain causing excess food to build up and be destroyed while record numbers of people visited food banks for the first time. Modifi software is helping to close this gap. Modifi provides a No-Code set of tools for building the easy-to-use apps that manage this complex, multi-stakeholder problem. Well-suited for handling the complex logistics of food ordering and production across multiple restaurants, Modifi is a perfect fit for its suite of products and services. The Modifi apps link restaurants to the diverse customer organizations in a dynamic, real-time ecosystem. 

FoodPair is a new company built to solve the food and supply chain crisis that was exacerbated by the Covid pandemic.  “Restaurants have always struggled to forecast business and plan for labor and supplies, and farmers build their future business based on current data and insights. Today the supply chain is broken and yet we are seeing record numbers of people visiting the food banks,” says founder Marie Gill.  FoodPair’s mission is to link the need for food made by LOCAL restaurants to solve a two-sided problem – employment in the food service industry and food insecurity.  “Because we are building this to suit the restaurant operators, our insights from early field tests means we need to adapt the model. Modifi is able to handle the required adjustments quickly because apps can be built or tweaked on the fly.  Now, we are solving problems that ripple through the supply chain, from farms to freezers.  The more we learn, the faster we can adapt the platform to solve the need. The food supply chain is broad, but Modifi can adapt to each stakeholder quickly. ” said Marie Gill. 

Codeless Mobile Apps for Workforce Transformation

The workspace is no longer defined by traditional brick-and-mortar walls. In the highly distributed workplace spectrum, as gig economy and the Uber “on-demand” model becomes more pervasive, a tool that empowers this new kind of workforce to be effective is what best summarizes Modifi’s value proposition.“At the core, we provide a collaboration and operational tool for workforce transformation,” says Jim Poss, CEO of Modifi.

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