The Modifi Platform fosters efficient workforce management. Today’s workforce ecosystem is changing, yet, management via paperwork, spreadsheet, anecdote, etc. is still routine. Modifi fills a dire need for agile, fact-based learning systems that link the back office to the field staff for better collaboration, staff monitoring and management.

At Modifi, our motto is: “You’re the hero, we provide the cape.” We act on that by providing a “codeless app builder” that lets you, the expert, mirror your processes in on our platform. Our tool-set is extensive, letting you build iOS, Android and Web apps in minutes to hours…apps that layer rich human + sensor data to both manage and monitor your remote workforce better, and take advantage of the new distributed workforce economy with facts and stats.

  • What used to happen with “Post-It notes and anecdotes” now happens in the cloud.

  • Real-time workforce collaboration tools via apps: automated “hand-offs,” statuses, alerts.

  • Management metrics in real-time, historically and proactively: custom/shared dashboards.

  • Machine learning systems to optimize your future improvements and efficiency.

Modifi, Inc. is a privately-owned company based in Seattle, Washington.
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